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Engery IoT For Energy Saving
Apr . 23 . 2021
4G IoT gateway S372 helps energy-saving remote monitoring system
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Battery Monitoring System BMS110 for Solar Power System
Apr . 10 . 2021
Battery Voltage Remote Monitoring System BMS110 Special designed for Solar Power System and Telecom Tower Backup Power.
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16th Anniversary Celebration of KP IoT company
Mar . 10 . 2021
 KP IoT Company grows from a group of few persons to a team with more than half a hundred employee now.company market share rank in the top 3 in China,  Product category is rich and respected by customers all over the world too.
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King Pigeon attend 21th China International Industry Fair from Sep 17th to Sep 21st
Feb . 05 . 2021
On September 17, 2019, the "21st China International Industry Fair" was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (September 17 to 21). King Pigeon will participate in the 21st China International Industrial Fair from September 17tht
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King Pigeon Attend World Sensors Summit from Nov 9 to 11
Feb . 05 . 2021
King Pigeon will Attend World Sensors Summit from Nov 9 to 11
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Cellular IoT Gateway: 4G Industrial IoT Router R40
Feb . 05 . 2021
Industrial IoT Gateway recommend model: 4G Industrial IoT Router R40 is special design for industrial IoT Solutions and Industrial IoT Applications, it is a powerful industrial IoT Gateway.
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